Choose the right massage for yourself

Nowadays massage is a common subject to many people

as all of us struggle a lot with back pain,feet problems,sore neck,migraine etc.

Depending on the symptoms you have there is so many types of massage to choose from.
For example if you are tired after the long day or you have been under the pressure,stressed at work and you would like to relax the best massage is either the Back Massage or Swedish Massage.

Unfortunately,most of my clients suffer with trapped, pinching nerve, muscle tension, sciatica, lower back pain and others, so the Deep Tissue Massage is highly recommended.
As a physiotherapist and massage therapist I came across so many clients complaining of their back problems.
This type of massage is not only to work on the deeper layers of muscle tissue but is to release the pain with the trigger point therapy as well.
It helps unbelievably and even you are sore at the day of massage or two days after you would be amazed with the result.

Sports therapy is well known for athletics or very active people who love sport on a daily basis.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is the least known massage but is fantastic therapy for those people who suffer with oedema, swollen legs, fluid retention or to remove toxins from the body.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for an advice.