Nowadays, waxing is still the most popular method used for the hair removal.

It is very quick and leaves the skin smooth with no hair for the next 4-6 weeks where the hair starting to grow back again.
The advantages of the wax is that large areas of the unwanted hair can be removed quickly in one session providing instant result.

You are free from unwanted hair for long periods and regular treatment thins the regrowth considerably.
Regrowth is fine ended and feels soft and natural in texture.
When you are deciding to have a waxing treatment you can choose from warm or hot wax.

With care warm wax can remove even short hairs efficiently as hot wax but there will be instances when hot wax is still the most effective means of removing deep rooted hairs without skin trauma.

Hot wax is chosen usually for lip and chin, underarm and bikini especially if your skin is too sensitive to the warm wax.