Warm wax is the most popular used method with its ability to remove hairs quickly and efficiently

Warm wax is a much quicker treatment than hot wax.

The wax is applied sparingly in conjunction with thin fabric strips.
It is not left on the skin to dry like hot wax.
It is very easy to control the application of the warm wax making it ideal for facial hair removal e.g. lips, chin, eyebrows and sideburns.
Warm wax is a combination of wax, oils and resin.
Sometimes slighter reddening may appear to the skin afterwards but this is completely normal and will go away in a few hours.

  • Full Leg


  • 3/4 leg


  • Upper leg


  • Half leg


  • Bikini


  • Extended Bikini


  • Brazilian


  • Hollywood


  • Full arm


  • Forearm


  • Underarm


  • Lip


  • Chin


  • Eyebrow wax