Cavitation is a modern method used mostly for touch free face cleansing.

Cavitation Peeling and Ultrasounds is painless face cleansing and insertion of vitamins and cosmetics into the deeper layers of the skin.

Cavitation peeling is a treatment performed with the use of ultrasounds of specific frequency, which induce a cavitation wave.
This wave, in a presence of water spread on the skin, creates microscopic bubbles filled with thin gas.
Under the influence of the ultrasounds the bubbles expand and burst.
In a short period of time (microseconds) on a small surface a large amount of heat is released and the pressure rises.
This cause dead cells to break apart without any damage to cells which are located in the deeper parts of the skin.

Cavitation peeling can be also performed with a light therapy red light is for reducing the wrinkles and blue light for acne or other problems of the skin.
Ultrasounds are also used for insertion of vitamins and other active components into the deeper parts of the skin in order to increase their effectiveness.
Can be done on the face and body.

Effects of cavitation peeling:

  • sterilizes the skin: fights bacterias which are a main cause of pimples
  • removes dead epidermis, smoothes out wrinkles
  • removes toxic substances, leftover cosmetics
  • smoothes out scars and lightens up discolorations
  • speeds up the penetration of active cosmetics into the skin
  • stimulates cells to naturally renew
  • firms the skin ( through micro massage stimulates fibroblasts to renew collagen and elastic fibres which are responsible for firmness and smoothing out of wrinkles)
  • improves blood microcirculation
  • prepares the skin for further cosmetic treatments
  • refreshes and smoothes out the skin

Cavitation Peeling and Ultrasounds