Diamond Microdermabrasion is also called controlled micro peeling

It is one of many mechanical abrasion methods of the skin. Diamond Microdermabrasion is latest method consist abrasion of epidermis layer by layer until desired level.

The treatment is carried out with the device which produces a vacuum and a head with microdiamonds.

It is especially recommended to people with delicate , sensitive and tendency to allergy skin.
Diamond Microdermabrasion is a procedure, which fully controlls exfoliation of the stratum corneum by means of the diamond heads by various level of gradation with smooth vaccum regulation.

As the result the skin is refreshed and stimulated under pressure in the process of the collagen production.
After the treatment the skin is smooth with no signs of irritation.

Diamond microdermabrasion is dust free so there is no risk of leaving a rest of diamonds on the skin.
Moderate removal of superficial layers of epidermis causes fast and extremely intensive production of a new cells. They replace damaged cells without any risk of causing scars or uneven abrasion.

Effects of the treatment:

  • lightens skin discoloration
  • shallowing scars
  • stimulation of blood circulation due to local congestion
  • cleansing the skin
  • elimination the wrinkles

Diamond Microdermabrasion

£5560 minutes